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Savannahs Illustrated
by Savannahs Illustrated

he ultimate savannah cat publication by the publishers of the award winning Bengals Illustrated magazine. . This informative full color, glossy soft cover book-like magazine is jam packed with fantastic clear full color photos and helpful articles and hard to find information about the Savannah breed! As a bonus this is a "flip" issue with Bengals Illustrated. So you get a complete issue of the award winning Bengals Illustrated as well.



For ALL breeds of cats. This very complete 158 page handbook covers everything from selecting your breeding cats, costs involved in breeding, keeping a stud cat, prepartum, pregnancy, postpartum, feeding, raising and placing kittens, commonly prescribed medications, vaccinations, herbs for cats, advertising and so much more! A vendor listing of where to purchase products; where to get product catalogs, vendor websites and contact information! The Cat Breeders Handbook is sure to be one of your best guides! For new breeders and seasoned breeders looking for a valuable source of information all in one place!

There are numerous Illustrations with OVER 100 photographs including many from world renowned photographer Helmi Flick and many others.


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