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Hybrid Law
Hybrid Law tracks laws concerning ownership of hybrid cats and dogs in the United States, and where possible other countries. Legislation is listed by state and may include county and city.

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Savannah Cat Association
The Breeders of Savannah Cat Association want the public to learn about Savannah Cats from honest breeders who are concerned about the health and welfare of every kitten we place in a home.
The International Cat Association

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Savannah Kittens
A free email list sponsored by The Savannah Cat Club and its Savannah breeders. This list will feature new litters of Savannah Kittens, available Savannah Cats, and Savannah Kittens to be sold as pets or breeders. This list is free for all to join and participate. Members may request a kitten they are looking for, locate Savannah breeders from the largest breeding directory online, and find out about upcoming Savannah litters.

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