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  Chatterie ExotikCats
Francyska Lavoie
Member Since: August 2022

Saint- Nèrèè, Quebec, Canada

Tel: (581) 981-8511



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  À propos de nous Notre but en tant qu’éleveur est de produire des savannah, servals et Maine Coon en santé, d’une beauté inégalée et qui possède un tempérament exceptionnel et surtout irrésistible

Nous avons à coeur la socialisation de nos chatons ainsi que leur développement physique et psychologique. Nous vous assurons un chaton parfaitement balancé avant de partir pour sa nouvelle maison. Ceci en est une priorité ! De plus, nous participons activement aux compétitions féline en matière de conformité avec la TICA afin d’avoir en main des reproducteurs et reproductrices avec un standard parfait.

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  Élite Savannah Chatterie
Nathalie Gagné
Member Since: September 2019

St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu Québec, Canada, J0L 1R0

Tel: (514) 622-6013



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La chatterie Élite Savannah est spécialisée dans la vente de chats Savannah haut de gamme et nous désirons vous offrir, à travers notre programme d’élevage, le chat Savannah de vos rêves.
  Syminou Exotic Felins
Sybille Espinoza Parent
Member Since: April 2008

Valleyfield / Canada

Tel: (450) 373-5838



  Syminou Exotic Felines is a family environment cattery raising a livestock of Savannah breed cats, proud descendants of the great Serval. We are exclusively dedicated to the mating of Savannahs. All our cats and kittens share life with us and evolve freely in our house, which allows them to get accustomed to normal household sounds and ambiance. Savannahs are highly intelligent cats, and are given the nickname of ''dog-cats'' due to their personality. They can be walked with a leash, they love car rides and really thrive on fetching their favorite toys. Savannahs love water, they can even jump into the bath or take a shower with you. Their fur is like velvet and they hardly lose any hair. They have a lot of energy and are very playful.  

  The Webmaster makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any of the Catteries that are listed on the Exotic Cat Network. All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. We strongly recommend potential cat owners to become educated about finding and working with responsible breeders.  
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