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  Belle Hollow Farms Savannahs and Egyptian Maus
Betsy and Stan Whitlock
Member Since: November 2005

1385 Middle Burningtown Road

Tel: 8285246943
Tel: 8283711011


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  Offering healthy, happy and loving Savannahs and Egyptian Maus for 17+ years. We breed F-2 through F-7 in both standard and non-standard colors. We produce home raised, affordable savannahs for most households. Many of our early generation kittens are human imprints and as such are super pliable and extremely social pets. We also breed Egyptian Mau kittens which are available both as pets and to breeding programs including savannahs. References available. Other Breeds Egyptian Maus: call us at 828-524-6943, e-mail at  
  King Savannahs
Nathalie King
Member Since: March 2023

Durham, North Carolina

Tel: 530-559-3504



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Kittens Available
  Beautiful Savannah cats in Durham, North Carolina

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Kelly Sheppard
Member Since: October 2006

North Carolina

Tel: (707) 315-8619



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Kittens Available
  We are a small in home cattery. Wyldthingz has produced the first show supreme champions and have added to Savannah programs across the globe since 2004. Please check in for any available kittens, pets, breeder prospects or show. F7 though f2. We do not breed F1s.  

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