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Ashley Jay
Member Since: August 2019

Cabot, Arkansas

Tel: (843) 452-0817



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  My name is Ashley Jay, I am military wife and mother of 2 amazing boys. I worked in EMS and was a vet tech for many years. My CO owner in breeding our beautiful Savannah cats is Dr. Rowand. She has been a veterinarian for many years. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. We both also work very close with many different animal rescues.

We hope to share the amazing joy we have had with owning a Savannah cat with everyone. We are a registered breeder with the TICA. We put a lot of time and love into our cats. We want to be able to show and provide amazing high quality Savannah cats, that show all the amazing beauty of a Serval but with all the loving traits of a domestic cat.

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  Wild Trax
Tracy Wilson
Member Since: April 2008


Tel: 501-230-4072



  Wild Trax is a small TICA registered cattery raising several spotted breeds, Bengals and Egyptian Maus. Wild looks, Sweet Temperments, Well Socialized, and Health guarantee provided. Please visit our website for more info or send us an email. In 2014, we are moving to a new location and have downsized our cattery for the move, so we are no longer offering Savannahs at this time.  

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