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  Desert Savannahs
Member Since: February 2023


Tel: 602-552-9110



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  We are a small in home cattery located in Arizona. We will be focusing on breeding F2 and F3 generation savannah's. We are currently building our cattery and enjoying our cats until they are mature enough to breed.

Our desire for Savannah's started a couple years ago when we found Seattle Savannah. We had followed them on social media and was in awe of their beautiful cats. In 2021 we purchased our first savannah F2 Messi, without the intention to one day breed. Little did we know how much happiness he would bring to our home and how much we would fall in love with him and the Savannah breed.

We started doing our research and decided we wanted to be part of breeding these amazing and beautiful cats. Our goal is to breed beautiful, happy, healthy and social kittens. Our cats are raised in our home at our feet among our children. Our cattery is TICA registered. Each kitten that leaves our home will be guaranteed to be in good health, spayed or neutered, have all appropriate vaccines and will be microchipped.

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  Limpopo Savannah Cats
Nancy Casurella
Member Since: March 2022

Southeastern, Arizona

Tel: (520) 220-6215



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  My name is Nancy Casurella and I have a small in home cattery called Limpopo Savannahs where the focus is on socialization and quality.

I currently produce f3 and f4 kittens. I am in Southeastern Arizona.

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  Stunning Savannahs
Ahn Kyongmi
Member Since: August 2021

Cave Creek, Arizona

Tel: (480) 313-0139



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Kittens Available
  We specialized exotic Savannah kittens "Silver, Melanistic Black, and Smoke colors" kittens are available  

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