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  Alberta Savannahs
Randi Ingram, Kurt & Tannis Temple
Member Since: February 2017

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tel: (403) 506-2526 Randi
Tel: (403) 999-3315 Kurt & Tannis



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  We are a family ran TICA registered cattery that shares a passion for the Savannah cat. They are a breed that is unique to all others. They have only been recognized by TICA since 2012 and it is our goal to only improve the breed and help contribute to setting a standard in the SBT generations in Canada. We strive to produce show quality kittens in this we have gone all over North America to bring home our Kings and Queens from only experienced and reputable breeders. The health and happiness of all our Savannah's is of the most importance to us.

Specializing F5 to F7 Kittens.

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  Simply Spots
Alison Peterson
Member Since: February 2010

Olds, AB

Tel: 1 (403) 556-7411



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Kittens Available
  Purrfectly complete your home today. Our kittens are loved and cuddled every day as part of our family. Kittens rule the house, and nothing is sacred. Training and play time are a regular part of our kittens daily schedule. Our kittens come to you with vaccinations and booster shots, dewormed, used to their feet being touched and nails trimmed. Our kittens can be held in any position without complaining. They will put up with anything. Raised with love from our home to yours. Our Facebook Page:  
  Surreal Savannahs
Nicole Tellier
Member Since: March 2015

Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Tel: 213 426-8267



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  Surreal was a well known and respected small in-home cattery producing F5, F6 and F7 savannahs that are in many beautiful Savannahs pedigrees.  

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