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Picture of Savannah Cat - Sunshine Savannahs   Sunshine Savannahs
Ashley Perenich
Member Since: December 2021

Tampa, Florida

Tel: +17276378520



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  Sunshine Savannahs is a small, in-home cattery located in sunny Florida. We specialize in breeding exotic Savannah kittens with a striking, vividly spotted coats, large ears, and long legs, resembling the Serval. Our kittens have that wild expression yet are the most loving and loyal kittens.

Our family of five spends countless hours socializing our kittens with constant affection. We send daily updates so you could follow your kitten’s growth. Your kitten will come harness-trained, cat wheel-trained, and child-friendly thanks to our three children, Caden, Mckenna, and Autumn.

Health is paramount in our cattery. All of our breeding cats are tested for PKA, PKDef, FELV, and FIV. Cats come fully vaccinated, microchipped, and TICA registered. We not only want to breed beautiful cats, but we also want them healthy so that they may be a part of your family for years to come.

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