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Picture of Savannah Cat - Space Coast Savannah Cats   Space Coast Savannah Cats
Adrienne Meyer-Arendt
Member Since: April 2024

Palm Bay, Florida

Tel: +1319-241-6813



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Space Coast Savannah Cats is a small cattery located in the area of Florida that has the perfect amount of sun, sea, and space exploration: The Space Coast. Our cattery specializes in breeding the beautifully exotic Savannah kittens. We strive for beautiful healthy kittens that follow the breed standards in appearance. Our kittens have beautifully spotted coats, long legs, and delightfully large ears. The appearance of our kittens isn't the only thing we pride ourselves on though. We are dedicated to breeding healthy and well socialized cats as well. Many hours are spent with our cats and kittens in preparation for them to join their new family setting. We socialize all of our cats/kittens with dogs, children, and infants. This makes adjusting to new families easier on all parties. With the amount of backyard breeders growing we pride ourselves at ensuring our kittens are of sound health. All of our cats/kittens are seen by our vet regularly. Our breeding cats have been genetically tested and are health certified. Kittens will come with health certificates, vet exams, shot records and TICA registered. We anticipate that your new family member will be here for many years to come.
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