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Kimberly Bockelman
Member Since: May 2021

Klamath Falls, Oregon



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  We are no longer breeding but looking for some special homes for some adult Savannahs: Zuri and Hiram.

Hiram has a beautiful personality is a handsome male Savannah. Hiram is an altered, F5 SBT registered with TICA. His name means “brother of the exalted one” in Hebrew. He is healthy, up to date on exams and vaccines, and fed the very best foods.

Hiram’s magical green eyes are enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. He loves to sleep with his people (we here at PNWS, treat each one as if we were their furever home), playing fetch, following his people around everywhere they go and helping them with cooking and doing laundry (that’s what he thinks he is doing); chicken is his absolute favorite. Hiram is always happy and loves his treats. Hiram needs a home where he will receive the utmost attention to his needs (love, love, love). Hiram is a friend to all and knows no different.

Zuri is an F4 Tica resisted altered female; her name is African and means “beautiful”. Her name says it all! Zuri is “beautiful inside and out”. Her huge almond green eyes makes one think what it might be like if Aphrodite was a cat. She was the momma cat of 3 litters. Each of her babies were stunning. PNWS has chosen to retire from breeding and therefore, has to make some tough decisions on finding amazing homes for these amazing, loveable beauties.

Zuri is a little shy and will need a home that understand it takes time to adjust to new surroundings. She is not the “party pleasure” as most of her offspring are. She will go up to her human’s room when guests come over. She is the “sleep in a bed, curled up to her humans, play fetch at night and in the morning, and lots of loving’s” while with her humans. She will attach to her humans and love them with the greatest amount of affection that any one cat can give. Zuri will capture your heart strings and show the greatest amount of love and affection!
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