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Baldwin City

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  Hi there! My name is Maricela, the lady that is in charge of Live Laugh Savannahs and who will be the one in contact with you. My helpers are my awesome husband, my 5 year old daughter (she loves these kitties) and lastly my 3 year old son. So your kittens will be plenty socialized! We are a TICA registered, small in home cattery that (so far) specializes in F2s and F6s. Our program is made up of: 1 F1 Queen, named Senya of Drinkwater, 1 F5 Queen, named JuJu of WyldThingz, and lastly but not least, our F7 SBT STUD, named Rocky of Wyldthingz! Were going to be doing great things with him. We expect him to be winning some championship titles with TICA this year!  
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