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Picture of Savannah Cat - Lequoia Savannahs   Lequoia Savannahs
Christina Goss
Member Since: November 2007

Lumberton, Mississippi

Tel: 601-916-0684



Kittens Available
  CATTERY LEQUOIA IS NOW IN MISSISSIPPI!!!! Please visit our website on a regular basis to see what we have available. The colors we breed for; Silver Spotted tabby, Brown spotted tabby, Black and Black smokes.

We are very dedicated to breeding healthy, good spotted, exotic looking Savannah cats with the serval characteristics and a very sweet personality. Socialization is our highest priority with our kittens. We strive to attain wonderfully personalities in our cats for the people looking to have one, or more, of these unique, beautiful felines. Once you own a Savannah your life will change forever with this high energy, athletic animal. No more dull moments in your life!

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