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Picture of Savannah Cat - F1 Savannahs - Drinkwater   F1 Savannahs - Drinkwater
Doreen Boileau
Member Since: Januarys 2000

Tel: 727-687-4026



Kittens Available
  DRINKWATER SAVANNAHS SPECIALIZES IN F1 GENERATION SAVANNAHS!!! F1 cubs born year around! Pictures and video on request! DRINKWATER CATS specializes in F1 Generations that look just like an African Serval with the loving playful personality of the Domestic feline. Call Doreen Boileau 727-687-4026 and visit our website Breeding Savannahs since 1995, I am located on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida * F1 Savannah cubs born all year * Both F1 Females and Males available!!!! These are African Serval to Savannah breedings, Own the Ultimate Cat the F1 Savannah with its dog-like personality and African Serval looks, amazing felines!
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