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Billy Hansen
Member Since: May 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tel: (801) 814-7937



  We have been raising exotic animals/pets for the past 20 years. We have raised many different kinds, some of the more interesting ones are Ostriches, Emus, Alpacas, Parrots. We have been raising bulldogs for about 15 years. Over the course of those years we have gotten to know and friends with about 30 other bulldog lovers, that represents about 40 to 45 english bulldogs both male and female here in northern Utah. Because of this group we can usually find the pup that is right for you. We now have a champion stud [CH LATA'S FLASHY BULLY BOY WILBUR] along with 6 other studs to choose from for your breeding purposes. We have also recently started breeding beautiful savannah cats.  

  The Webmaster makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any of the Catteries that are listed on the Exotic Cat Network. All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. We strongly recommend potential cat owners to become educated about finding and working with responsible breeders.  
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