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Allegany Savannah Cats
Member Since: May 2024

Northwest Pennsylvania

Tel: (716) 450-3562



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Through trial and error and a bit of luck we’ve achieved success in our breeding program to maintain top quality genetics. We are very focused on having the best possible genetics and retaining the most sought Serval traits in the Savannah Cat breed.

Our cattery uses an F5 sire (where as most would settle for an F6) to have the highest percentage of Serval DNA possible. Male Savannahs are typically sterile until F6 due to their high Serval percentage but Winston is a proven fertile F5 Savannah.

At Allegany Savannah Cats socialization and behavioral training are very important to us. Kittens are handled early and are accustomed to different people, dogs (which they often seem to be big fans of), and other cats. All kittens will be litter trained, test negative for PK Deficiency and PRA genetic deficiencies and are FeLV/FIV screened.
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