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Katrin Albertsmeyer
Member Since: April 2011

37339 Worbis Germany

Tel: 37339



  AluvOFspotz Savannahs
Zara Carrington
Member Since: April 2019

Bristol, UK



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Kittens Available
  AluvOFspotz savannahs is a small tica registered hobby breeder specialising in SBT savannahs all our cats and kittens are raised in our family home.  
Carlos Alberto Fernandes
Member Since: February 2012

Lisbon, Portugal

Tel: +351938404440
Tel: 351961975858


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  We are a new cattery in Portugal, breeding Bengal and Savannah cats. Bengalserver is TICA registered and members of The Savannah Cat Club as well as Savannah breed section and Voluntary TICA Responsible Breeder Program. Our Savannahs came from A1 Savannah, Oklahoma.  
  Domus Felina Savannahs
Armedas & Gailina Kavaliauskai
Member Since: February 2007

Kaunas Lithuania

Tel: (+370) 610 05205
Tel: (+370) 698 37827



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Kittens Available
  - We have F5 SBT, F4 SBT, F3 C new kitten now. Born in August, September. One of the Savannah F3C 3 months girl - ready to go to a new home now.

We are breeding Savannah kittens since 2007. Our cattery is one of the oldest registered Central and East European TICA Savannah cattery.

Our kittens are born healthy and strong, which is largely determined by their parents' heritage of careful and selective breeding. All kittens from our cattery Domus Felina Savannahs (meaning Savannahs Cat House) are growing at home surrounded with love and care of our family and are completely socialized. Our vision is to meet the highest standards. We are producing show class kittens.

You are welcome to visit our website, write email and choose your most beautiful and sweet Savannah cat for you. We ship internationally !
Member Since: September 2015


Tel: +33 666864941



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  Small cattery producing F3 to F6 Savannahs with love & care since 2011

Kittens are raised in our home to become your cherished pets

English spoken
Rosanne Boyle
Member Since: November 2011

Moray, Scotland, UK



  We are UK breeders of F1 Savannah, who have excellent temperaments and stunning good looks. All our cats are very well socialized and reared in the home  
  Lovely Savannah
Member Since: August 2019

Near Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

Tel: 0031646835589



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  We breed Savannah cats on a small scale and are in love with this amazing cat breed! They are incredibly beautiful, as well as sweet, energetic and playful. The cats live with us in our home or in the cat rooms next to our living room. They have the opportunity to go to a covered outside area which they really enjoy. They love each other’s company as well as the company of our family. The kittens are nurtured by their own mothers and are only bottle-fed out of medical reasons. Good socialization is our top priority. Our goal is to raise beautiful and very sweet kittens, so their new owners can build a great long lasting bond with them!

We specialize in breeding generations F2 and F3 Savannah cats.

We breed Savannahs in a responsible and healthy way according to the breeding standards of TICA. In our breeding programme we only use healthy cats, which have been exposed to extensive medical and genetical examinations. We do not cross Savannahs with other breeds and only breed Savannahs with acknowledged TICA colours, and try to improve the breed. The perfect look we strive for with as many characteristics of the magnificent ancestor of the Savannah: the serval.

The daily running of the cattery is carried out by me – a 31-year old woman with a great love for my family, cats, and many other animals. The Savannahs are my greatest hobby and make life extra joyful.

I am in possession of the certificate Professional Competence of keeping Cats and dogs. I have completed my internship, as well as my theoretical and practical tests with good results.

My two young children have grown up with the Savannahs from a very early age and love to play or cuddle with them. We all are enchanted by the Savannahs – how could it possibly be different? These exceptional cats with their exotic appearance, great intelligence and affectionate, curious character conquer one’s heart forever.

Mark Strating
Member Since: August 2018

Oostwold (Groningen)

Tel: 06 - 12537830



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Kittens Available
  Welkom bij Cattery Nevasirags

Cattery Nevasirags is de oudste bestaande Savannah Cattery in Nederland. We kunnen stellen, dat we een toonaangevende en gerenommeerde cattery zijn in Europa. Onze Savannah katten hebben dan ook een hoog percentage Serval bloed, die u elders niet snel zal tegen komen. Het voordeel hiervan is, dat wij over het alemeen grotere katten fokken.

Wij fokken volgens de richtlijnen van TICA met de erkende kleuren Black, Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby, Black Silver Spotted Tabby and Black Smoke. Andere kleuren zijn door TICA niet erkend. Welke generatie Savannah Kat is geschikt voor mij?

Deze vraag wordt ons vaak gesteld. Zie voor uitgebreide informatie: KLIK HIER Doelstelling voor het fokken van een Savannah Kat:

Voor het fokken van een Savannah kat leggen wij de lat zeer hoog en willen wij uitsluitend het perfecte nastreven. Heeft u belangstelling voor een Savannah Kitten, aan de linkerkant vindt u de verschillende generaties met al of niet de foto's van de kittens. Linksboven kunt u een Savannah Kitten reserveren.

Wij hebben de bereidheid om met onze collega fokkers, wereldwijd, onze kennis te delen.

Welcome to cattery Nevasirags

After a long time of preparation we have obtained much information about the breed. In 2004 we decided to start acquiring Savannahs through a process of careful selection of suitable cats for breeding, so we can offer kittens from this beautiful breed in a responsible manner. Almost all the breeding cats are descendants from the world renowned founder of the breed: the A1savannah cattery in the United States.

Meanwhile we can state that we are a leading cattery and that we can use good (proven) breeding combinations. So we are breeding with the aim to strengthen and improve the breed and not to just increase numbers of the breed. International collaboration and exchange programmes with like-minded catteries are clearly starting to pay off.

Catteries that constantly use the same combinations for breeding are just increasing and apparently do not have the purpose to contribute significantly to the breed.

We are the first one in the Netherlands to have succeeded in creating several combinations with Serval x Savannah. This means we are able to breed F1 generations with 51%-77%. We have also created a wide choice in Serval studs with according results. We have all generations (F1 up to and including F5) at our disposal in such quantities that we can strengthen and improve the breed.

We exclusively want to breed with the combination Savannah X Savannah and if necessary with sound outcrosses. Our goal is to use as little as possible, and preferably none at all, other breeds, so eventually only purebred Savannahs will be born. Clearly this will take the necessary investments in time and money. But with rapid strides, we are making great progress.

Wilkommen zu Cattery Nevasirags

Wir haben geno¼gend Zeit genommen um uns zu vertiefen in der rasse Savannah. In 2004 beschlossen wir zu starten mit denn kauf von Savannahs mit einer sorgfo¤ltigen Auswahl geeigneter Zuchttiere, so dass wir verantwortungsvoll Kitten dieser herrlichen Rasse bieten.

Fast alle Zuchtkatzen und Kater sind von der bero¼hmten und Gro¼nder der Rasse, der A1savannahs Cattery aus Amerika abstammen. Inzwischen ko¶nnen wir sagen, dass wir ein fo¼hrender Zucht sind und gute (bewo¤hrten) Zucht-Kombinationen haben.

Wir zo¼chten nicht um die Sorte zu vermehren, sondern zielen darauf Savannahs zu zo¼chten um zu verbessern und zu sto¤rken. Die internationale Zusammenarbeit und der Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten Catteries vergossen, lasst sich nun deutlich auszahlen.

Zo¼chter denn sto¤ndig die gleichen Kombinationen tun, haben nicht die Absicht, der Rasse bei zu tragen. Als erste in den Niederlanden ist es uns gelungen, in mehreren Kombinationen mit Serval x Savannah durchzufo¼hren und so sind wir daher in der Lage, F1 Generationen von 51% -77% zu zo¼chten. Auch eine grooŸe Auswahl an Servalkaters seit langem mit den entsprechenden Ergebnissen realisiert worden.

Wir haben alle Generationen (F1 / F5 und SBT) ausreichend fo¼r die Vielfalt zu sto¤rken und zu verbessern. Wir wollen nur mit der Kombination Savannah x Savannah zuchten, so dass wirklich keine Verwendung von anderen Rassen notwendig sind, so dass letztendlich nur reinrassige Savannahs werden geboren.
Silje Soot
Member Since: September 2019

Bergen, Hordaland

Tel: +4791527439



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Kittens Available
  Savannah4you is a new cattery, located on the west coast of Norway. Our kittens are socialized with both children and dogs. We hope our effort will contribute to a wider Savannah family in the future.

Savannah4You er ett nytt savannah oppdrett, lokalisert po¥ vestkysten av Norge, no¦rmere bestemt Sotra. Her bor vi, en familie po¥ 3 mennesker, 3 savannah og en newfoundlandshund. Vo¥re kattunger vil vo¦re sosialisert med bo¥de barn og hund, ved levering.
Jill Fyfe
Member Since: September 2013

Peterborough, Cambs, United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 (0) 1778 341220



  International shipping available. No kittens until early 2014.

Savannahglam Savannahs is a responsible breeder of Savannahs based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Long established Bengal breeders since 1997, we have found a passion for Savannahs also. Their temperaments are a delight, so confident and playful, even the F1's.

We aim to produce superb quality Savannahs, with a focus on temperament, conformation, and structural soundness. We are members of TICA. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about your Savannah.
Heika Hageman
Member Since: August 2018

Oostwold (Groningen)

Tel: 0031 (0)6 125 37 830



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  Savannah Kat Welkom bij Cattery SavannahJungle.

Savannah KatOp deze site vindt u alle informatie over de Savannah Kat. Onze Savannah Cattery doen wij hobbymatig, maar wij mogen zeggen, dat wij inmiddels een toonaangevend en gerenommeerd Savannah Cattery in Europa zijn.

Onze Savannah Katten familie bestaat uit onze eigen katers en poezen, die zich vrij in de binnenren of buitenren of in huis kunnen bewegen. Wij fokken volgens de richtlijnen van TICA en puur Savannah – Savannah met het doel om het ras Savannah verder te ontwikkelen. Wij hebben de lat hoog gelegd en willen dan ook nagenoeg perfecte Savannah katten fokken.

Als alles mee zit, mogen wij zo nu en dan genieten van een prachtig nestje kittens, die met veel zorg en liefde opgroeien, voor ze naar hun nieuwe baasje gaan.

Naast onze Savannah Katten hebben we ook nog 2 Sibannah Katten en onze waakhond Ebro, een Dobermann.

Wij hechten veel waarde aan de gezondheid van onze dieren, daarom worden ze regelmatig door de dierenarts onderzocht, geo«nt en getest.

Welcome to Cattery SavannahJungle.

On this site you will find all the information about the Savannah Cat. We do our Savannah Cattery as a hobby, but we can say, that we have a leading and reputable Savannah Cattery in Europe.

Our Savannah cat family consists of our own males and females, which can move and run around outside and also inside our house. We are breeding according to the guidelines of TICA and pure Savannah x Savannah with the aim to further develop the breed of Savannah Cats. We have set the bar high and want to breed almost perfect Savannah Cats.

If everything is fine, we may occasionally enjoy a beautiful litter of kittens, who grow up with great care and love, before they go to their new owner.

In addition to our Savannah Cats, we also have 2 Sibannah Cats and our stunning guard dog Ebro, a Dobermann.

We value the health of our animals, so they are regularly examined by the veterinarian, inoculated and tested.

Willkommen bei Cattery SavannahJungle

Auf dieser Website finden sie alle Informationen o¼ber die Savannah Katze. Wir zo¼chten nur als Hobby, aber wir ko¶nnen inzwischen behaupten, das wir eine gerenomierte und tonangebende Savannah Cattery sind in Europa.

Unsere Savannah Katzen Familie besteht aus unseren eigenen Katers und Katzinnen, welche frei im Innengehege oder AuoŸengehege und Haus bewegen ko¶nnen.

Wir zo¼chten laut den Richtlinien von TICA und nur mit Savannah x Savannah mit als Ziel die Rasse weiter zu entwickeln. Wir haben das Streben um perfekte Savannah Katzen zu zo¼chten. Wenn alles gut geht, dann do¼rfen wir von Zeit zu Zeit genieoŸen von einem tollen wurf Kitten, welche bei uns mit sehr viel Liebe und sorgfalt aufwachsen, bevor die Kitten nach Ihrem neuen Zuhause umziehen.

Neben unseren Savannah Katzen haben wir auch noch 2 Sibannah Katzen und unseren Wachhund Ebro, einen Dobermann.

Unsere Savannah Katzen werden regelmo¤oŸig durch unseren Tierarzt untersucht, geimpft und getestet.
Natasja Alexandus
Member Since: July 2015


Tel: +46 763 280 582



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Kittens Available
  Our cattery is located in beautiful rural surroundings in the wonderful landscape of Sm-land in southern Sweden. Here we thrive, and so does our cats.

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of this magnificent race by breeding exceptional and healthy Savannahs for qualified, prominent homes.

Vårt katteri ligger i vackert lantlig miljö i det underbara småländska landskapet i södra Sverige. Här trivs vi, och här trivs våra katter.

Jag som förestår SavannahSweden heter Natasja Alexandus, men alla i vår familj är engagerade i kattuppfödningen. Vi tycker att det är så det ska vara, för katterna är en del av vår familj.

Anastasia 22 år lägger ner massor av tid och kärlek på hanteringen av katterna och åker gärna på utställningsresor. Det är hon som är fotograf till de flesta bilderna på våra djur. Jonathan 15 år är en fena på lek och aktiviteter för katterna och tillsammans lägger vi mycket tid på att bygga och utrusta kattgårdarna med allt våra fyrbenta vänner behöver.

Avelsplaneringen gör vi gemensamt. Målet med vårat avelsarbete är att föda upp friska och rastypiska individer med trevlig mentalitet som sprider mycket glädje i sin omgivning. Vi vill bidra till en sund fortsättning av avelsarbetet med denna vackra ras och inte enbart öka antalet individer. För oss betyder inte avel att enbart para katter. Vårt uppdrag är att upprätthålla integriteten i denna magnifika ras genom att producera exceptionella Savannahs för kvalificerade, framstående hem som lyckliga och friska, mycket socialiserade husdjur, samt för tävlingssammanhang i TICA utställningar. En ansvarsfull uppfödning kräver kunskap om såväl ärftlighet, genetik, och katters hälsa.

Som uppfödare upphör vi aldrig i vår strävan att lära oss, och vi strävar efter ett gott liv för våra katter och deras avkomma.
  Shetani Savannah
Renate Remplein
Member Since: February 2006

Munich - Germany

Tel: (+49) 8208-90191



  Our kitten are from pure Savannah x Savannah breeding, they grow up in the family with a lot of experience, care and love, we guarantee highest level of socialization. The kitten are accustomed to dogs and go with chip, 8-fold vaccination, health certificate & pedigree from the 14th week to her new home.  
  Stylisticat Savannahs
Kayleigh McIntosh-Lowrie
Member Since: October 2014

Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)7734-222-882



  Welcome to 'Cats from your Wildest Dreams!' We produce SERVAL Kittens and CARACAL Kittens, F1 Savannah Kittens, F2 Savannah Kittens all the way to F7 Savannah Kittens. We are known for our specialist WORLDWIDE HAND-DELIVERY....even by private jet if need be!  
Herbert Niederreiter
Member Since: October 2014

Munich, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 8145 997 99 37
Tel: +49 (0) 177 40 77 230



  We have F2B kittens available, born on 8th of Oktober 2014!  
  Tylands Savannahs
Carl & Marion Ainscoe
Member Since: March 2010

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1840213146
Tel: +44 (0)7974157425



  TylandsSavannahs is a small unique Savannah cattery Striving to produce some of the finest Savannah's in the UK

We were fortunate to have acquired some of the most superb Savannah's from the U S A
  Uraniawild Savannahs
Simonetta Nestori
Member Since: April 2009

Sezana, Slovenia



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Kittens Available
  Breeder of F1 and F2 Savannahs in Europe!

Hand -raised in loving home, well socialized and vet checked.

You can also see our cats on FACE BOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOU TUBE. Enjoy!

Disponiamo di soggetti delle migliori linee di sangue,selezionati per tipologia,carattere e salute.

Tutti i nostri gatti sono testati FIV e FELV. La salute e il temperamento è una priorità assoluta, come quella di una corretta e qualificata selezione. Seguiamo scrupolosamente la loro alimentazione utilizzando la migliori marche di cibo in commercio. Tutti i cuccioli nati nell’allevamento UraniaWild sono Unici e molto importanti per noi;sono allevati con altri gatti e sono tutti trattati come membri della nostra famiglia dal loro primo giorno di vita.

Se desiderate un cucciolo come nuovo membro della vostra famiglia contattateci via mail o telefonicamente. Accettiamo un deposito del 20% NON RESTITUIBILE, al momento della prenotazione, i cuccioli vengono consegnati all’età di 12 settimane con Pedigree,contratto di adozione, sterilizzazione se si tratta di gatti da compagnia e con tutte le vaccinazioni dopo una visita veterinaria. Felici in salute e ben socializzati.

Siamo inoltre disponibili per tutta la vita del gatto per consigli sulla salute, alimentazione, pulizia ed educazione.


  The Webmaster makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any of the Catteries that are listed on the Exotic Cat Network. All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. We strongly recommend potential cat owners to become educated about finding and working with responsible breeders.  
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